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Training Staff

I am able to offer talks and workshops on staff wellbeing, starting from the principle that each individual's wellbeing is their responsibility, supported by family/friends and employer. Each talk explores the particular context and pressures faced by those working in schools, especially teachers 

Wellbeing for Teachers

(1-1½ hour talk or 1½-2 hour workshop)

Starting from the crucial-but-slightly-controversial premise that their wellbeing is each individual's responsibility and not that of their employer, these talks and workshops will explore (among other things):

  • the pillars of good mental and emotional health

  • understanding teacher workload

  • what makes for 'good work'

  • the fallacy of work-life balance

  • the principles of positive psychology

  • the importance of doing the boring stuff

  • stress management

  • and modern dentistry!

In workshops, staff will have an opportunity to work on personal wellbeing plans based on the PERMA+H model of human flourishing developed by Professor Martin Seligman of University of Pennsylvania

Working with Parents (and dealing with the difficult ones)

(2 hour talk/workshop)


Staff can find interaction with parents one of the most tricky elements of the job, one that causes significant and disproportionate anxiety. This presentation, based on a successful course that I have run for senior staff with HMC.

We will explore:

  • What parents say they want; what they actually want, and what they really need

  • The vital importance of teacher expertise to parents

  • Effective written communications - practical tips

  • Handling difficult conversations and complaints - practical tips

Understanding and Managing Stress

(1 hour talk or 1½-2 hour workshop)

My experience is that stress is neither well understood nor often well dealt in Inset sessions. I am going to attempt to help with both! The talk or workshop will cover:

  • that stress is one of the possible reactions to pressure -an active, personal response rather than something that happens to you

  • the idea of good stress and bad stress

  • options for managing increases in stress

  • proactive habits to reduce the effects of stress (and the fact that most of these are rather boring)

In workshops, staff will have an opportunity to work on personal stress first aid kits

Positive Psychology

(1 hour talk)

For most of the history of psychology as a therapeutic discipline, psychologists have focused primarily on what can best be done to help those who have problems with mental health. In the 1990s Professor Martin Seligman of Pennsylvania University changed that with his now widely accepted theory of Positive Psychology. This talk will explore:

  • the concept and purpose of positive psychology

  • the habits that best promote good mental and emotional wellbeing (PERMA+H)

  • ways of applying these in daily life

Interview Preparation

(30 minute talk, one-to-one mock interviews and personalised feedback)

Thriving schools understand that developing a reputation for providing a culture that allows staff into more senior roles in other schools is good for attracting high calibre individuals in the first place!

​With a huge number of days of interviewing under my belt over more than 20 years, I have the experience and insights to help staff to prepare to do their best. 

I would work with a group of between 4-6 of your colleagues over two days. After a 30 minute introduction on the keys to effective preparation for an interview and good technique on the day, I would conduct a 30-40 minute mock interview with each participant, providing them with both verbal and written feedback the following day.

Support for Heads

Knowing the pressure, joys and hugely varied experiences of being a Head in the independent sector, I have a strong desire to help other navigate through the often choppy waters of school leadership.


I am a trained and experienced appraiser for HMC. Heads within the organisation can request an appraisal through HMCPD at


Other colleagues can contact me direct on


I am a trained mentor for new Heads within HMC (The Heads’ Conference). HMC Heads who might like to work with me for a couple of years should contact HMCPD at


Any colleagues not in HMC (or who are not 'new' Heads within HMC) can contact me direct at


I am also happy to offer both these services to senior leaders in schools.


Support for Schools

Strategic Wellbeing Consultancy

I have a particular interest, expertise and positive reputation in this area, and love to work with schools to help them evaluate their provision, in particular their strategic approach to such a vital and foundational area of school life (and inspection). 

If you are interested in knowing a more about the scope and approach of this service, please contact me direct via 


Defining and Articulating Purpose

I am passionate about the importance of schools understanding and being able effectively to articulate their purpose in a way that gives coherence and direction to their planning and decision-making. Having led two very distinct -and distinctive- schools that differentiated themselves very clearly from those around them, I believe I have the insight and experience to help other schools to do the same by working with leaders, staff, parents and students to identify a 'what-makes-us-tick' that everyone can get behind.

Talks for Students and Parents

The talks on wellbeing, Positive Psychology  and stress management outlined above can be adapted for a student and/or parent audience. 

Senior Leadership Search

I would be very happy to support schools and Heads in appointing senior members of staff, providing an experienced external and objective eye at shortlisting and interview stage. 

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