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What People Have Said

People  I have worked with and for have been kind enough to say some nice things about the work that I have done with them.

I thought it might help you to read a selection!

Feedback from HMC New Heads’ Training Sessions 2019-24

“Relevant, clear, practical advice. Chris was excellent, knew his stuff and presented it in a way that we could all relate to. We are all grappling with the issues raised in his presentation and his advice was priceless. Chris himself was inspirational” 

“Insightful, relevant, implementable and brilliantly delivered”.

“This was the stand-out presentation of the weekend for me. What a fantastic way to end a really useful conference!”

“I greatly enjoyed this session and found Chris to be an inspiring lead on the issue of wellbeing. He was able to give the subject some perspective and balance which I found compelling.”

“Really informative, thought-provoking and inspiring. His integrity and commitment shone through.”

“Really interesting and timely, and provided useful thoughts on developing wellbeing across the school, and what it means”.

“My favourite session of the course. Humorous, packed full of insight and useful take-away points, humble, clearly structured.”

“Some fantastic ideas that I have already discussed with my SLT. Well delivered, good pace, passion, reassurance and absolute conviction in what he was saying. A great session.”

“I thought Chris was outstanding - a really engaging speaker, very persuasive - great content. Excellent.”

“Chris was fantastic. He was passionate about his topic and he provided some useful ideas.”

“Tremendous array of ideas and thoughts for how to look after staff in a climate that expects more and more from them. Stimulating.”


Feedback from HMC Course: Managing Relationships and Communications with Parents  2023-4

Workshop Evaluations: 'Excellent' 76%; 'Very Good' 24%


"[The course] has turned my thinking on its head. I came away with lots of actionable points. Chris is clearly very experienced and thus others can really learn from him. Pitched and paced perfectly.

"It was immensely helpful. I failed miserably in my task of bringing one good new idea back to my Head - we had so much to discuss!"

"I found it incredibly useful...superb and well presented"

"I booked this on a whim...I am absolutely delighted I went; it was worth the hassle of the travel...for the experience and advice of Chris."

"We go through this so many times but I still learned new tips from Chris...really wise"

"If I hadn't become a super fan of Chris by then, the final case study session really confirmed it. Chris managed this superbly. He let us vent, offered the room the chance to find solutions and then gave his take. I came away with a solution and a way forward that is better for everyone, most of all the pupils."

Feedback from HMC Deputies Conference 2022

Talk Evaluation: 'Excellent' 52%; 'Very Good' 48%

Extracts from emails received from Heads of IAPS schools following seminars on

Building a Wellbeing Culture in School 2019

“I am very grateful to you for sharing this excellent presentation, which to my mind was the real highlight of the three days; thank you.”

“I have already planned my SMT meeting today around your presentation, which for me, was the highlight of the conference.”

“I really enjoyed your seminar last week, gave me some food for thought on my return to school!”

“I have been talking to people about your seminar since hearing you speak. So useful and pragmatic in your approach.”  

“I would like to add my name to the list of those who found that your talk struck a chord in so many ways regarding pupils and staff, and it provided plenty of food for thought. It was certainly much appreciated. Thanks for all the practical advice as well.”

“Thank you for a great focus on wellbeing: I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.”


Feedback from Wakefield Girls’ High Junior School Inset Session

“Chris delivered a highly engaging, thought provoking and informative INSET session for teaching staff and support staff. The session was very well received by all who attended and was full of ideas and strategies for us to take away and use.”

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