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Chris Jeffery
Educator    Speaker    Trainer    Consultant

I have spent more than 35 years in school education, almost 19 of those as a Head, leading two major independent schools whose pro-social values drive their mission and success.

Head of Bootham School, York (2016-2023)

Head of The Grange School, Hartford (2005-2016)

Deputy Head and Head of Middle School at The Perse School, Cambridge (1996-2004)

Housemaster and History Teacher at Bristol Grammar School (1988-1996).

I was the founding and two-time Chair of the HMC Wellbeing Group that is credited with bringing issues of pastoral care and welfare to a place of greater centrality in the organisation's work. I have spoken at a number of conferences and training events on wellbeing issues within and outside HMC.


My main interests lie around:

  • the importance of proactive approaches to human flourishing in a school context

  • staff and student wellbeing provision

  • creating an excellent relationship with a school's parent community

  • the importance of understanding 'purpose' in the effective  framing of a school's essence, distinctiveness and 'offer'

  • developing leaders' response to challenge and crisis 

  • developing effective staff consultation

Since retiring in 2023 I have been running and contributing to training courses for HMC (on building good relationships with parents; and for those aspiring to Headship); presenting at school Inset training days; carrying out Heads' appraisals; mentoring new Heads; advising on wellbeing provision; and chairing Stage 3 appeal panels.

Married to Carol since 1988, I am the proud father of 3 grown up children, and grandfather to 1 not-at-all grown up child. I still try to be a songwriter from time to time, having pursued that full time before coming into teaching. I believe Spotify to be the best invention since the wheel, love travelling and walking, and (often forlornly) support several perpetually underachieving and mostly Bristol based sports teams.  

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