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Chris Jeffery

Educator      Speaker      Trainer      Consultant

Who I am

As Head of two leading independent schools for more than 18 years and an educator for more than 35, I believe I have built up insights, expertise and skills that might help schools -and all those who comprise their communities- to flourish.

My particular interests lie in:

  • supporting those who both have the privilege and carry the burden of leading schools

  • proactive approaches to personal and institutional wellbeing

  • developing good relationships with -and managing- parents

  • helping schools to find, articulate and harness their essence and purpose

What I can offer

Supporting Heads


Presentations and workshops for staff on:

Working more effectively with Parents

Looking after your Wellbeing

Understanding and Managing Stress

Positive Psychology

Job Interview Training and Practice

Mentoring for Heads & Senior Leaders


Heads' Appraisals

Senior Leadership appraisals

Supporting Schools

Helping schools explore the effectiveness of their strategy and provision for Student and Staff


Helping schools find and express their Essence and Purpose

Senior Leadership Search

Talks for Students and Parents

What Others Say

Head of IAPS School

“I have already planned my SMT meeting today around your presentation, which for me, was the highlight of the conference.”

Contact Me

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